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Can you tell which flags they are? :D


The flag of Boys Scouts of America, which has a fleur-de-lis. And I can’t post this without mentioning that this blog does in fact stand by this flag:

Yes you can, the BSA’s ban on gays is like the illegality of pirating music. 


by Darron Raw


Naval Jack of Russia and Naval Ensign of the USSR

Flag of the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine

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Meanwhile, the flag of Nagaski, Japan.


Jackson County, since 2013

If all goes according to plan, Jackson County should adopt a new flag today. The flag was chosen in a contest among local students. It features the dome of the historic courthouse in Sylva. (And so did the four other finalists apparently.)

When it comes to local flags like this you kind of expect they’re going to have a lot of detail. And even though this one has a lot going on, it never feels cluttered or busy. Overall a good choice I think.

(designer: Jessica Waldron)

Never thought I’d like a flag with dates and writing.

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This is actually the meeting flag of the 38th NAVA meeting in Indianapolis. Combines the checkered flag a (representing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) with the flag of Indianapolis. NAVA, the North American Vexillological Association, are far more insane about flags than I am.